How to Create Category, Subcategory, Child Category

How to Create Category, Subcategory, Child Category

Creating categories, subcategories, and child categories in dukanetc typically involves accessing the platform's admin dashboard and using the provided tools for managing product taxonomy. Below are general steps you can follow; however, keep in mind that the exact steps may vary based on the platform's interface and features. Refer to the official documentation for your specific platform for precise instructions.

1. Log in to Admin Dashboard:

Access the admin dashboard of your dukanetc store using your login credentials.

2. Navigate to Product or Category Management:

Look for a section like "Products," "Catalog," or "Categories" in the admin dashboard.

3. Create Main Category:

  • Find the option to create a new category or main category.
  • Enter the name and other relevant information for the main category.
  • Save the main category.

4. Create Subcategories:

  • After creating the main category, find the option to add subcategories.
  • Enter the names and details of the subcategories you want to create.
  • Save each subcategory.

5. Create Child Categories:

  • For each subcategory, look for the option to add child categories.
  • Enter the names and details of the child categories under each subcategory.
  • Save each child category.

6. Assign Products to Categories:

  • Once you've set up your category hierarchy, go to the product management section.
  • When adding or editing a product, assign it to the appropriate category, subcategory, and child category.

7. Organize Category Structure:

  • Some platforms allow you to drag and drop categories to organize the structure visually.
  • Rearrange categories, subcategories, and child categories to achieve the desired hierarchy.

8. Save Changes:

  • After setting up your category structure and assigning products, be sure to save your changes.

9. Preview and Test:

  • Preview your storefront to ensure that the new category structure is reflected correctly.
  • Test the navigation to verify that users can browse products under the created categories.

10. Ongoing Maintenance:

  • Regularly review and update your category structure as your product catalog evolves.
  • Check for any new features or improvements related to category management in platform updates.



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