How to Add Facebook Pixel: Quick and Easy Steps

How to Add Facebook Pixel: Quick and Easy Steps

Configuring Facebook Pixels:

Create a Facebook Business Account:

If you don't have a Facebook Business account, create one at Facebook Business.

Create a Facebook Pixel:

  • In your Facebook Business account, go to the Events Manager.
  • Click on "Connect Data Sources" and select "Web."
  • Follow the prompts to create a new Facebook Pixel.

Get Pixel Code:

After creating the pixel, you'll be provided with a Pixel ID and a tracking code.

  • Copy the provided tracking code.
  • Add Pixel Code to dukanetc:
  • Log in to the dukanetc  admin dashboard.
  • Look for a section related to "Facebook Pixel" or "Tracking Codes."
  • Paste the Facebook Pixel tracking code into the designated field.
  • Save your changes.

Verify Setup:

  • Go back to Facebook Events Manager and check if your pixel is active.
  • Create some test events to verify that data is being sent to Facebook.


After configuring both Facebook Pixels, visit your dukanetc eCommerce website to test if data is being tracked correctly.



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